Money-Back Guarantee
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Marketing Program That Actually Guarantees A ROI
2:1 ROI Money-Back Guarantee Details: Must sign-up to the Full Marketing Plan for a year. There can be no late or missed monthly payments or breaks in service. You must do at least three postcard mailings throughout the year of at least 5,000 postcards per mailing (that is how you bring in new customers). You must collect at least 600 email addresses from your customers in a six month period. That is less than four emails a day to collect. You have to follow the marketing program schedule. You can not skip any of the 20 online ad listings or 20 email campaigns. Upon 12 months of continuous service, if you are not happy with your ROI, six months of service will be refunded. You must cancel the service and not use any of the materials or content provided. Postcard printing and mailing costs can not be refunded. Have any questions? Call (856) 906-3160 or email at
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